Friday, December 15, 2017

Unhuman Disease - De Templi Autem Veteris Serpentis (2016)

Previously on OPIUM HUM:
Unhuman Disease - Black Creations of Satan (2009)

The latest and best full-length from one of the US' finest. As evil and raw as ever -- OK, maybe slightly less raw -- but with more ritual and atmosphere, and a greater sense of songcraft. My 23rd favorite black metal record of 2016. Incidentally, I've been revisiting a lot of the stuff on that list, so expect more from it in the coming weeks.

Track listing:
1. Maleficent Devoutness
2. Obscurity of Invocation
3. Inner Ascension to Incandescence
4. Behold the Magnificence of Satan
5. Accursed Ritual
6. Illuminated Eternal
7. Holy Flames of Perdition
8. De Templi Autem Veteris Serpentis

The sinister calling

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David Sancious and Tone - Dance of the Age of Enlightenment (1977)

Ambitious, energetic prog/fusion from keyboardist David Sancious. Dance of the Age of Enlightenment is a largely instrumental, synth-saturated prog symphony, with all of the noodling, pretension, and breakneck motif shifts that such albums entail. It's certainly a far-cry from where Sancious started -- a member of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band.

Track listing:
1. Overture - Wake Up (To a Brand New World)
2. 1st Movement (Dance of the Glory and Playfulness)
3. 2nd Movement (Dance of Purification)
4. The Dawn
5. 3rd Movement (Part I & II)
6. 4th Movement (Dance of Serenity and Strength)
7. Gone Is the Veil of Illusion (Part I)
8. Dance of Gratitude and Devotion (Part II)

It's all starting right now

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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Circle of Eyes - Circle of Eyes (2011)

US drone-doom. Sunn amps, rumbling, slo-mo guitars, and agonized screams. Two members of Circle of Eyes went on to form Black Fucking Cancer.

Track listing:
1. Penumbra (Awoken)
2. Woe Betide the Worms (Dirge of Eternity)
3. To Wander (Sacred Time)

Streams to depression

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David Torn, Mick Karn, & Terry Bozzio - Polytown (1994)

David Torn - Cloud About Mercury (1987)
Alesini & Adreoni - Marco Polo (1995)
David Torn - What Means Solid, Traveler? (1996)

Abstract, dynamic fusion with a cloudy, psychedelic atmosphere. Overdriven peaks, barely-there ambient valleys, and everything in between. Another record that I've been meaning to post for years.

Track listing:
1. Honey Sweating
2. Palms for Lester
3. Open Letter to the Heart of Diaphora
4. Bandaged by Dreams
5. Warrior Horsemen of the Spirit Thundering Over the Hill
6. Snail Hair Dune
7. This Is the Abduction Scene
8. Red Sleep
9. Res Majuko
10. City of the Dead

In the fifth dimension

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Cosmic Church - Ylistys (2013)

Previously on OPIUM HUM:
Cosmic Church - Absoluutin Lävistämä (2010)

Masterful Finnish depressive black metal. Raw but clear-sounding, reverb-y howls, and riffs that are equal parts sorrow, rage, and evil. One of the best BM records of the decade so far.

Track listing:
1. Luon Perustani Sinun Kallioosi
2. Näkyjä Indigolähteeltä
3. Ennen
4. Maailmojen Peilin Takaa
5. Lupaus Äänettömälle Äänelle
6. Kätketyn Tulen Vartija
7. Täydellisen Valon Äärellä

There is no time for funerals
There is no time for mourning
Gather the bodies and burn them all

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Mathias Grassow - At the Gates of Dawn (1986)

Heaven-sent minimal ambient synth from German composer Mathias Grassow. Chords drone and swell, with simple melodies occasionally floating above them.

Track listing:
1. Sun-Meditation
2. Passage to India
3. Ocean of Eternity / Breath of Silence
4. In the Gardens of Eternity

Into your infinity

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The Sight Below - Glider (2008)

Minimal ambient techno that's more than a little indebted to Gas. Darkly lush, almost shoegaze-y walls of synth-drone and simple, pulsing beats.

Track listing:
1. At First Touch
2. Dour
3. Without Motion
4. Life's Fading Light
5. Further Away
6. The Sunset Passage
7. Already There
8. A Fractured Smile
9. Nowhere
10. Feeling Lost Forever

Burn me out from the inside

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Susumu Yokota -
Sakura (2000)
bvdub -
Strength in Solitude LP (2007)

His Hero Is Gone - Fifteen Counts of Arson (1997)

A classic of chaotic, heavy-as-fuck crust that incorporates elements of d-beat, grind, and sludge. If you like crust, you already know and love His Hero Is Gone. If crust has never done it for you, they might make you a believer. Features one of my all-time favorite album-closers. Fun fact: "Unleash" was the first mp3 I ever downloaded; it's less than 30 seconds long, and took like half an hour to download.

Track listing:
1. Professional Mindfuckers
2. ... And We Burn
3. Unleash
4. Leash
5. Sterile Fortress
6. Good Samaritan
7. Hand That Feeds
8. Raindance
9. Voluntary Amputation
10. Anthem of the Undesirables
11. Scalor
12. Concrete Cage
13. Abandoned
14. Thieves
15. The End Result of 11 Days in the Mental Hospital

They don't even have to break down our doors
Blindfold and gag us with their force
To install mind-control devices in our homes
We buy them on our own

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Älgarnas Trädgård - Framtiden Är Ett Svävande Skepp, Förankrat I Forntiden (1972)

Waaaaaay out-there Swedish prog/psych. Droning organs, oscillating synth, violins, sitar, tabla, harp, and a lot more form a darkly cerebral, deeply psychedelic, raga-like sound.

Track listing:
1. Två Timmar Över Två Blå Berg Med En Gök På Vardera Sida... Om Timmarna Alltså
2. Det Finns En Tid För Allt, Det Finns En Tid Då Även Tiden Möts
3. Möjligheternas Barn
4. Tristans Klagan
5. Viriditas
6. Saturnus Ringar
7. Framtiden Är Ett Svävande Skepp, Förankrat I Forntiden


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Hirilorn - Legends of Evil and Eternal Death (1998)

Should-be classic French black metal featuring three future members of Deathspell Omega. Four songs and just under an hour of epic, evil grandeur.

Track listing:
1. Last Ride on the Winds of Eternity
2. The Legion That Will Never Fall
3. Through the Moonless Night
4. Praise the Supreme Ruler of Your Soul

Vast plains devastated in front of me
And warriors joining battle under a sky red as blood

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Aspera Hiems Symfonia (1996)
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Monday, December 11, 2017

Hipnosis - Hipnosis (1984)

Italo-disco by way of Berlin-school-style synth work. Makes me wanna do lines off of the dashboard of a flying saucer. It has taken me far too long to post this, and for that I apologize.

Track listing:
1. Inesi
2. Windland
3. Argonauts
4. Pulstar
5. Bormaz
6. Astrodance
7. Space Crusaders
8. Oxygene
9. Theme for a New Year

Ladies and gentlemen

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Donato Dozzy - K (2010)

Voices from the Lake - Voices from the Lake (2012)

Immersive, lushly textural ambient techno from Italian producer Donato Dozzy. Music for re-upping your buzz at 4 in the morning.

8 untitled tracks

Forest grave

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(2012) + Dimensional Exploration 002 (2013)
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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Temnohor - Pýcha Lesov Karpatských (2008)

Slovak raw epic black metal. Lyrical themes: "Darkness, Forests." Yes, to describe Pycha Lesov Karpatskych is to describe the most fundamental elements of black metal, so let's just skip that part and get right to those dark forests, right?

Track listing:
1. Intro
2. Tma, Strom, Tma
3. Tam, Gde Sa I Svetlo Pred Cemnotu Pokorí
4. V Chodbách Zastaveného Casu
5. Irónia, Sarkazmus A Opovrhnucí Modly Krestanskej
6. V Zasnežených Lesech Karpatských Morena Panuje
7. Pýcha Lesov Karpatských
8. Outro

Beneath the corpsemoon

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The KVB - Subjection/Subordination (2011)

Pitch-black post-punk/darkwave with the enveloping, reverb-heavy air of shoegaze and an appealingly lo-fi warmth. Keep your ears peeled for a song-length Suicide homage. Here in sunny Portland, OR, we're up to our necks in mediocre throwback darkwave, so if you're burnt out on this stuff, too, just trust me when I tell you: this band's one of the good ones.

Track listing:
1. Closing In
2. Burning World
3. Slow Death
4. Nightmares #2
5. 8 Hours
6. Sleep Walking
7. Who Knows
8. Again and Again

I only see the lights

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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Creeping - Funeral Crawl (2007)

New Zealand blackened sludge. A little sloppy, a little out-of-tune, and a lot fucking mean.

P.S. I'm just now starting to wade through submissions from the last 3-4 months, so my apologies if you emailed me and haven't heard anything back.

Track listing:
1. The Reckoning
2. Creeping on the Moors
3. Ten Horns
4. Invert All
5. A Moment of Misery
6. Funeral Crawl
7. Dirge
8. The Abyss... the Swamp

Eyes, across swamps they gleam
As their last visions vanish into the fog

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May the Curse Bind (2008)
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