Sunday, March 26, 2017

Mortuus Infradaemoni - Imis Avernis (2009)

Stellar German black metal. Vicious, unrelentingly playing channeled through huge-sounding production into a vast, hypnotic space.

Track listing:
1. Obscuritas Ubique Et In Aeternum
2. Darkland
3. Imis Avernis
4. Bastard
5. Doresh El Ha'metim
6. Mortuus Et Prodeunt Infradaemoni
7. Merihim Rises
8. Der Tod
9. Animatus

Horror and abysmal grief

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Leaf Hound - Growers of Mushroom (1971)

Raw, heavy psych perfection. Blown-out, riff-y guitars, busy drumming, and a hair farmer howling about boning, doing drugs, feeling down, and being a good man. A record nerd classic.

Track listing:
1. Freelance Fiend
2. Sad Road to the Sea
3. Drowned My Life in Fear
4. Work My Body
5. Stray
6. With a Minute to Go
7. Growers of Mushroom
8. Stagnant Pool
9. Sawdust Caesar
10. It's Gonna Get Better [bonus]
11. Hip Shaker [bonus]

Went and blew it all

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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Moriar - Burn the Reign of Light (2010)

Italian black metal. Precisely zero clicks and whistles, unless you count the very brief acoustic-guitar-and-keyboard part in "Black Soul".

Track listing:
1. Night Falls
2. Black Emperors
3. ... Form the Fog
4. Black Soul
5. Samhain's Night
6. ... We Are the Cancerous Seed of Europe
7. Napalm Rain

Disciples of Satan

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The Bug - Tapping the Conversation (1998)

Dub-infused downtempo electronic from London producer Kevin Martin. The beats are super laid-back, but everything else -- industrial screeches, dissonant reverberations, high-frequency drones, feedback, pitch-shifted voice samples, and the like -- is anything but. Put this on the next time you're conducting illegal espionage against a president-elect.

Track listing:
1. Harry's Theme
2. Invasion of Privacy
3. Countdown to Elimination
4. Those Tapes Are Dangerous
5. Bug Party
6. The Lift
7. Fake Auto Crash
8. Room 773
9. Seduction and Betrayal
10. The Director
11. Army
12. Nightmare Messenger
13. Twenty-Four Hour Surveillance

Thief of dreams

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Friday, March 24, 2017

Law of the Rope - Beasts Will Have You (2008)

US raw, experimental black metal. I'm guessing there are some French influences at work here, what with the art-damaged, dissonant approach. More significantly, there's lots of harsh noise, including insane, squealing feedback that's seemingly as one with the vocals. Hella intense, fucked-up stuff.

Track listing:
1. From Fields of...
2. Beasts Will Have You
3. Thy Own Throat
4. In Dust
5. Death Ballad
6. Knife Point

Silenced fields of the decapitated

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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Diabolique - Wedding the Grotesque (1997)

Swedish gothic metal. Wedding the Grotesque is definitely on the heavier, less melodic, more doom-oriented side of gothic metal, but the miserable-sounding baritone vocals and plenty of dramatic keyboard/organ make it potentially appealing to those whose enjoyment of the subgenre begins and ends with Type O Negative.

Track listing:
1. Dark Man
2. Shaven Angel Forms
3. Blood of Summer
4. Sacrificial Highway
5. The Unchaste Bittersweet
6. Sorrows Piercing Art
7. The Smiling Black
8. Beggar Whipped in Wine
9. The Diabolique


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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Osculum Infame - Sadomatic, Impure Artgoat (1994)

French raw black metal. Esoteric, lo-fi black metal filth. LLN, fans: rejoice.

Track listing:
1. Overture
2. Vicarius Filii Dei... 666
3. Satanaëlic Shameful Act
4. Scorn the Mortified Deceiver
5. Final

Inferno of tortures

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The Essence - Ecstasy (1988)

Lush, atmospheric, synth-fueled Dutch goth rock. The Essence clearly were big fans of Faith-era The Cure, especially vocalist Hans Diener, but that's probably my favorite Cure record, and they do a bang-up job with it, so I'm not complaining.

Track listing:
1. Burned in Heaven
2. Only for You
3. Sleeping
4. Like Christ
5. Angelic
6. Jump and Fall
7. Ice
8. The Afterworld
9. So Gorgeously
10. Despair
11. Understand Why
12. One More Wasted Night


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Yen Pox - Yen Pox (1993)

Cavernous, dissonant, lightless drone/dark ambient. Follow my lead: make a nest of blankets and pillows on the floor, play this at a roommate's-sleep-disrupting-ly high volume, slam narcotics, and disappear.

Track listing:
1. Dervish
2. Suction
3. Thin
4. Head Shot
5. Empty
6. Virus

We know only of fear

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Melt Mountains with Out Blood

Insane Vesper - Abomination of Death (2011)

French black metal. Insane Vesper generate the kind of dramatic, occult atmosphere that we've come to expect from contemporary French BM, but there's still with a trace of their more traditional roots.

Track listing:
1. Suscipiat Daemone
2. Impious Ceremonies
3. Tearing the Veil
4. Thousand Plagues
5. Cult of Darkness
6. Atonement of the Deceiver
7. ... Of Maggots Born
8. The Black Radiance

The grand key of uncreation lying in the heart of every one of your children

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Deele - Eyes of a Stranger (1987)

Smooth, synth-y, slow-burning R&B from a group that included Babyface. Def some Prince influence at work here. "Two Occasions" is one of the all-time great slow jams, and the rest of the album isn't far behind.

Track listing:
1. Two Occasions
2. Shoot 'Em Up Movies
3. Let No One Separate Us
4. Eyes of a Stranger
5. Can-U-Dance
6. She Wanted
7. Hip Chic
8. So Many Thangz
9. Eyes of a Stranger (Reprise)

I only think of you on two occasions
That's day and night

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Destruktor - Brutal Desecration (2002) + Nuclear Storm (2004)

Two EPs of ass-annihilating Australian war metal. For fans of: the extermination of all human life, the total decimation of heaven, and the sexual assault of Jesus.

Track listing:
-Brutal Desecration-
1. Final Vengeance
2. The Holy Trinity... Denied
3. Day of Slaughter
4. Brutal Desecration
-Nuclear Storm-
1. Intro
2. Fight Like the Devil
3. Nuclear Storm
4. Strive to Conquer
5. Justice Unleashed

Final strike, fatal blow
Forever the blood shall flow

Monday, March 20, 2017

Richard Thomas - Shoes and Radios Attract Paint (1998)

Abstract, jazz-informed electronic music from London-based producer Richard Thomas. Been on a major Squarepusher kick of late, and was reminded of Shoes and Radios Attract Paint while listening to the still-amazing Music Is Rotted One Note -- they're similar in spirit, if not necessarily sound.

Track listing:
1. The Horla / Occupying the Distance Shredder
2. Echo-Locator2
3. Darbytuff (Tempered)
4. Sumo Groupies / Antelope Valley High
5. Stanton Ductile Warrior
6. Valley of the Interlocking Spurs
7. Return to Pow-7
8. Gurl Trivia
9. Ordure Rechauffe
10. Waxy Flexibility (Part Three)

I am carnal and I know that you approve

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Hocico - Autoagresión Persistente (1994)

Vicious, raw electro industrial from Mexico's most prominent industrial band. Machine gun synths, blown-out drums, and pissed-off screams. Fucking ACE. If you like hardcore/punk but never got into industrial, this could be the one that does it.

Track listing:
1. Slow Death
2. Sensación de Letargo
3. Euthanasia
4. Laceración
5. El Pecado de las Sombras
6. Existence
7. Sexo Bajo Testosterone
8. Our Death
9. Atrocidad Desnuda
10. Change

Hell on earth

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Skáphe - Untitled (2017)

Chaos Moon - Origin of Apparition (2007)
Skáphe - Skáphe² (2016)

The latest masterpiece of cavernous black/death metal from Skáphe, for free/name your price on their bandcamp. Now with more doom! Or are you one of these obnoxious snobs who has decided not to like amazing bands like this because the style they play is currently popular?

One 22-minute track, titled "VII"

Dreams scattered over an infinite mirror

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